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Beach Toy's Spirit 

BEACH TOY was born at the seaside, more precisely under the sun of the Mediterranean beaches, often synonymous of dolce vita, vacations and holidays. This is also why our passion naturally flows from our desires for adventure, exchange, leisure and pleasure.

Always looking for innovation and new things, we are constantly creating and finding products that make life and our leisure more cool and friendly. Our genes, combining curiosity and the discovery of the world, constantly encourage us to dream, to escape, to adventure, to invite travel and games. Our collection of BEACH TOY floats and rafts for the beach and pool is the perfect image of our state of mind: Cool, hype, trendy, open to the world and others, playful and festive.

With the BEACH TOY products, you will share our passion for beach, sea, party and sun. The cool attitude of the BEACH TOY collection will bring you the certainty of spending great moments at the beach or in your pool.